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There are many news articles about Forex and binary options, most of which have to do with “winning strategies” or whether the markets are good or bad places to invest. Remember: a real estate investor will tell you that stocks are bad and real estate is good but a stockbroker will tell you that real estate is volatile and stocks are the only good thing.

That said, read on for some legitimately entertaining pieces of information.

Secure, Stress-Free Trading? It’s obtainable. Read this Euro Prime Review

Euro Prime puts its operational emphasis on financial education and training, directing its clients to better their performance based on smart decision making. With a vast trading academy and advanced offered tools, this brokerage is designed to provide you with a complete online trading experience.


FINMARKET offers its traders with an inclusive trading experience, meaning a full basket of over 150 tradable assets, a selection between 3 different trading platforms and transparent financial operation. What else? All in the next…

Oanda Trading – Not For Trading Novices

Established in 1996, Oanda has been a commonly known brand in the trading scene. As this broker doesn't require a minimum deposit amount nor a minimum trading amount, it makes it a highly popular service provider for investors of diverse trading levels and experience. Let's get down to business with this one…
The difference between where a trade gets entered and the point at which the trade is exited is called the contract for difference or CFD. A CFD is a trading instruments which mirrors the movements of the assets it relates to.
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