Why MaidSafeCoin is Uniquely Safe

MaidSafeCoin is the first autonomous data network in the world. They use an authenticator that offers a secure mechanism for network access control. You download the safe browser for your desktop and then connect to the network first and foremost. There is a web hosting manager and tutorials for using and to an encrypted desktop email.

Maidsafecoin is an autonomous data network

The History

Blockchain based storage solutions keep your data safe. Most alternative crypto currencies store their data somewhere else which does not improve security. This particular crypto currency stores the data on the network so that there are no other people involved in the management of your information. MaidSafeCoin has the first autonomous data network which is decentralized, it is not owned by a different storage location, it is not a set of federated servers, it does not contain a blockchain. It is the ultimate smart contract. All of your data is stored and protected inside a single network designed specifically to protect your data. The network calculates how much it will cost for these services and then gives you, as the user, the lowest possible cost. The currency is the data. The networks currency is data and all of that data is secure. The network functions like a ledger but that ledger is the private and integrated ledger rather than something added on. You get the lowest possible price because there are no humans setting prices for the services but instead a computer program essentially which continually sets the prices at lower costs based on user demand and the available resources.

This particular crypto currency coin is a token which was released and swapped on other exchanges and today can be purchased and traded on a handful of exchanges. So far the worth for MaidSafeCoin is set at $.50 per coin but the charts indicate that the value of this coin is on the rise.

Buying Coin

The main way for you to get your hands on this is to exchange another coin currency. This makes it somewhat like a secret club entrance to which you can only gain once you know someone who is part of the “in” crowd. Nonetheless, there are easier coins you can buy online, some of them through regular fiat currency like U.S. dollars from your bank account. Once you have altcoins or Bitcoins you can exchange them through exchange platforms for this particular coin.

The main exchange platform is ShapeShift. This platform is very anonymous with quick conversions so you will not have to wait for hours. LiteBit is another based in Europe. This one allows for pairings between coins and Euros. Bleutrade has flat trading fees and offers anonymous exchanges. If you are exchanging in China, 19800 and Jubi are the only platforms you can get there but they offer many of the more popular currency pairs.

You will need an online wallet, either a desktop wallet or a mobile wallet, in which to store your coins once you have made your decision to invest. There are different wallets out there. CoinSpot, for example, is an Australian based company where you can buy or sell your coins for Australian dollars. OmniWallet is a web based wallet that lets you keep your coin and exchange the tokens later.

Maidsafecoin standing

Buying Things

When it comes to using your coins, you can buy or sell things online using merchants accepting of coins. Not all merchants have got on board, but there are some main names that you will recognize. For example: Overstock is where you can find home goods and designer brands often at prices lower than normal and here you can use your coin to make a purchase. For technology and other electronics, you can find gaming, computers, and other tech supplies when you buy from NewEgg. Expedia lets you shop for airline tickets, reserve hotels, and find deals on cruises or rental cars too. For online games, you can play with Steam using your coins. The company eGifter is where you can buy and send personalized electronic gift cards to yourself or to others. The Xbox store is another where you can find new resources for sale or buy games. For those who prefer the business side of things, Namecheap is a domain registry and a web host service where you can start a company using the funds from your wallet.

How do I invest?

Investing in this alternative crypto currency is similar to investing in the stock market or the Forex market. With the Forex market you have different currency pairs and you are trading them in hopes that the value for one versus the other goes up. With alternative cryptocurrency you can do the same thing by regularly exchanging different crypto currencies for other alternatives in hopes of making money through the exchange. The amount of information available for news surrounding different alternative crypto currencies and the impact that environmental or economic changes could have is not as well known as the impact on fiat currencies like US dollars or euros. However, you can still keep yourself apprised to the goings on in certain places and use that to invest wisely. Understands that investments in crypto currencies are just as volatile as investments in other markets if not more so. So long as you are willing to accept risk you can use similar strategies to help increase your profits.

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