NEO Cryptocurrency is Ahead of the Curve

Today there are many new crypto currencies and blockchain projects popping up all over the world. Each is trying to offer something different and it is great to see how far the crypto currency world has come since the introduction of Bitcoin. Formerly known as Antshares, NEO (formerly known as Antshares) is now a new alternative crypto currency. This crypto currency has provided its investors a return of $52 per token.

Neo cryptocurrency coin

What is it?

This is the first decentralized and open source crypto currency platform to open in China. They have a crypto token and a crypto currency. The goal is to provide a smart economy which is comprised of contracts, digital identity, and digital assets. The founder and other contributors all come from China and are developers, operators, and technical contributors.

The goal of the company is to convert traditional assets into digital assets using what they call smart contracts, something we will discuss in a moment. These digital assets are decentralized and are protected legally through digital certificate on the lock chains. This guarantees trust between the company and the users. The platform also allows you to create identity information as an organization or an individual or entity in an electronic format. These different identities will use multiple authentication mechanisms such as SMS confirmation, voice recognition, fingerprints, and facial recognition, all of which is designed to make this particular alternative crypto currency platform a significantly safer and more protected version.

The smart contracts they are referring to our eight unique contract platform where you can take advantage of lock chains without having to learn a new contract language. The maximum supply right now is 100 million with 50 million currently in circulation. This relates specifically to the tokens.

Digital identity Smart contracts

How to Buy it

You will need to have a NEO address to which you get your tokens and you will have to exchange some other coin. In order to exchange any money for this particular alternative crypto currency you need to use an exchange platform at the same way as you would change US dollars into euros while on vacation, only digitally. The most common ways to do this are to use exchanges that support the crypto currency pairings you have. If you already have bitcoin, for example, or Zcash, you will need to find an exchange online that supports the pairing you want.

Changelly is one of the most popular platforms for this. The reason they are the most popular exchange platform is that they support over 50 currency pairings. They make it easy to exchange your coins from one type to another. There is always a challenge of buying crypto currencies but this particular exchange makes it easy. The interface is clean with simple features. This trusted website lets you exchange different crypto currencies and sometimes even use your credit card or debit card to buy it point and then exchange that bitcoin for another type of alternative crypto currency. Right now exchange fees hover around .5%. If you create a user account you can keep track of your past exchanges as well. This account feature is good because the exchange doesn’t necessarily happen in real time so you can log into the account to check on the status of your exchanges at any time. This website is obviously quite popular as it has reached over 1 million users. In order to use it all you have to do is select the pairing that you want to exchange and hit the button that literally says “exchange”. It will tell you what the exchange rate is, what the fee is, and the estimated arrival time. You will have to enter your wallet address in order to receive transfer crypto currency. Again, it is a step-by-step process that is incredibly simple.

CoinSwitch is another platform through which you can make such an exchange online. CoinSwitch is the second most popular because it supports other rare types of exchanges with a similarly simple step-by-step process. The key difference is that the exchange rates might be better.

The Future of NEO

Right now this project has great potential. They are running on proof of state consensus mechanism and the blockchain they use is a quantum computer for. This means that they have the upper hand compared to different blockchain projects which do not have this type of protection. More importantly, the ability to create smart contracts with different programming languages gives them a specific advantage. Many developers say that this is very positive because it lowers the bar for people who want to get involved and it reduces the time cost factor for people who would otherwise have to learn a new contract language. This single point is something that makes this crypto currency platform significantly different than others on the markets. From a technological perspective they also look better than other projects because of the protection against quantum computing issues that they have. One also has to take into account the fact that their prices have searched from a mere six dollars per coin to $52 per coin seemingly overnight. Right now China is changing regulation for crypto currency which has caused some problems with this particular alternative crypto currency. Nonetheless, they are still well on their way to becoming a household name.

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