Trading Dash Cryptocurrency:
All You Need to Know

Dash is a cryptocurrency project unlike any other. Dash has advocated itself as a peer-to-peer form of decentralized, electronic cash. This means it might one day become just as illiquid as the real cash that we use today when we buy something from the store. This cryptocurrency project is built upon bitcoins code but has some additional features like quick transactions and privacy. This is an open source cryptocurrency project with its own blockchain, its own community, and its own wallet infrastructure. There is also a negligible transaction fee. From the looks of the development community in which it has arisen, it will remain digital money as long as the Internet remains.

Dash cryptocurrency


Dash was created by a developer in the year 2014. Originally it was released under the name X coin but the name was changed in 2015 to dark coin after which it was finally rebranded as we know it today. The developer was familiar with bitcoin back in 2010 and very impressed by the technology behind it. However, the developer felt that the one was not fast enough nor was it private enough. He had new ideas on how one could make bitcoin anonymous but he also knew that therefore developers wouldn’t allow him access to make bitcoin more anonymous because in order to do this the core code would have to be altered. Given the fact that this was the primary downside to utilizing bitcoin, the developer decided that he could build his own cryptocurrency which is where we get Dash today.

Presently this cryptocurrency has a total supply of 18 million coins. The circulating supplier is 7.4 million coins and is expected to reach 18 million coins by the year 2300, a time when none of us will be alive. The variable block reward has been set to decrease at her annual rate of 7.1%. The average block mining time for this block chain is 2.5 minutes which means that it is actually four times faster than the block mining time for bitcoin. Currently the total available circulating supply has reached, as we said, 7.4 million units and the price currently per unit is $204. That is where we get the market capitalization amount of $1.5 billion. This means that as of the year 2017, this particular cryptocurrency is the seven most valuable cryptocurrency on the market based on market capitalization.

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How to Buy it

One of the best ways for you to get your hands, not literally but figuratively on some coin is to get it exchanged from an instant exchange called Changelly. This is an instant exchange that supports the exchange of different crypto currencies. Here you can exchange 55 different crypto currencies. In order to do that you need to have an address where you want to receive the coins and you have to have some other form of crypto currency that you exchange for it. For example, you might have ripple coins and exchange them for this coin. There are eight different exchanges in addition to this particular one where you can purchase or exchange.


Now you have it you have to put your money in a wallet. Just the same way you would place physical coins inside physical wallets, you need to store your coins for a few days here. There are multiple mobile wallets you can use downloadable from iTunes or Google play and with these three wallet you can save your coins virtually on your mobile device. Alternatively there are desktop-based wallets that you can use one of which is from the crypto currency platform itself. There are also hardware wallets which are the most recommended from crypto currency users.

What Makes it Unique

There are a few features that make this particular crypto currency very unique. Send is the first function that you will find quite different from other crypto currencies. With this particular platform you can send your money privately by mixing it inside of different transactions so it is hard to identify your specific transaction. There is a coin mixing service used to do this. Understand that this is an optional privacy feature that you can choose but you don’t have to. There is a limited Of 1000 coins that you can send it using this private send feature. The second component that makes this crypto currency stand out of the instant send a feature. Within 1.5 seconds you can send your transactions. There are higher fees associated with faster processing transactions though so you might have the ability to send money faster but it will cost you. Finally, this particular crypto currency has a special privilege referred to as master node. This means that special coins are worth more than other coins. Not every coin is created equal.

This particular crypto currency has undergone multiple changes to make it more secure, faster, and more private. In fact they are trying to make it so simple that every grandmother you know can use it. However, the prices are going up as they continue to fund this type of research. The growth rate has been exponential and obviously this particular crypto currency is not going anywhere anytime soon. Likable, simple to use, with solid infrastructure, it promises to remain a currency well worth the investment.

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