Find the Right Forex Trading Strategy For You

There are many different strategies that people employ, and naturally there isn’t room to cover all of them. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, there is bound to be something for everyone. 

Beginner Forex Tips

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Risk management strategies are the best for beginners because many new traders come into the business with very little money management information. So basically they end up gambling. But risk management reduces the chances of losing large amounts that cannot be afforded and increasing profits. The first strategy is called exposure per trade. This is the most important part of risk management. It decide how much money you are willing to risk for each trade. Different people can risk different amounts of money but even professionals only risk a small percentage of their total account, usually between .5% and 3%. The risk amount is calculated as a percentage of the total account balance. Doing this minimizes your total losses should things and up poorly.
The second strategy is called the risk/reward strategy. Just like starting a new business you need to determine the reward potential and how much you are willing to risk. This same idea should be applied to trading. When you pick your trades you want your potential profits to be much larger than your potential losses. Short-term trades often have a higher ratio but if you are planning long-term positions you want to find a ratio that is roughly 1: 3 to 1:5.

Medium Forex Strategies

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There are many different strategies that allow you to analyze the price action from a variety of angles. Trading strategies might give you the technicals but there’s one particular factor that always has the potential to make any technicals irrelevant. This is the news. Big news events from different countries have profound impacts on the market and can render any analysis you complete meaningless. Given the fact that the Forex market is a 24 hour market, news can literally come in from anywhere in the world at any time. Changes in the market based on different economic news can hit whenever. This type of trading always involves two currencies so you have to take into consideration international news that might impact the currency as well as the local country’s upcoming news. Evaluating both sets of economic data can help you to better expect changes.

Advanced Forex Trading Strategies

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Carry trade strategy is a more advanced practice of buying a currency with high differential ratios so that the interest rate of your currency is higher than the currency you sell. Profits that you get from this type of strategy are derived from the difference between the interest rates. When you are choosing such currencies you have to take into consideration what the expected changes of are going to be for the interest rates of both currencies. Obviously this strategy works best if the interest rate of the currency you are purchasing is set to go up and the interest rate of the currency you are selling is set to go down. This particular strategy is only fit for sideways moving market so you have to anticipate the movement of the price and trade when the price is expected to remain about the same.

Forex Trading Education

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Beyond these strategies, you should also invest in your education. The more you learn about the market, the better you will find applying such strategies. Forex trading education is very important is any individual, beginner or professional, hopes to succeed in the market. There are many fundamentals which are necessary in order to begin trading without being taken advantage of. There are also tools and resources which are very helpful when it comes to trading on the foreign market. Before committing your money, it is imperative that basic fundamentals are in place and that you understand what tools are available to help you succeed.

Before playing on the market, forex trading education should be your primary concern. There are seminars available to teach the fundamentals of forex trading. The seminars cover the fundamentals of trading, psychology behind it, emotions behind trading, trading strategies, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, risk management, as well as other methods leading toward success. Many seminars offer different levels, or very intensive weekends which cover a little bit of everything. They offer money management concepts inclusive of calculations of risk as well as reward. They include technical facets such as understanding trendlines, moving averages, and candlestick patterns. They also offer information on setting up stop losses as well as limits, defining a daily market bias, and applying preservation techniques allowing you to uncover when the best time for trade would be and how much should be traded.

Books on the forex trading education are endless. Introductions to foreign exchange, introductions to money markets, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis are all great subcategories in the field. For the first, Philip Gotthelf authored the book “Currency Trading: How to Access and Trade the World’s Biggest Market”. UK London Reuters Limited published “An Introduction to Foreign Exchange and Money Markets”. Julian Walmsley offers “International Money and Foreign Exchange Markets: An Introduction”. R. Mark Rogers presents a “Handbook of Key Economic Indicators” while Louis B. Mendelsohn offers “Forex Trading Using Intermarket Analysis”. E. Stansbury Carnes’ authored the book “The Atlas of Economic Indicators: A Visual Guide to Market Force” and Jack D. Schwager and Steven Turner produced “A Study Guide for Fundamental Analysis”. All of these options are great for any level of forex trading education.

No matter which medium one uses to build forex trading education, there are software programs and coaching available for every level of advancement. Some software is automated while others are manual. Some have options for both. Either way, many software programs provide daily reports of different pairing such as S/L or T/P. Some include technical analysis generators whereas others are MT4 tools allowing you to do things such as create pending orders or even delete pending orders. Certain software offers auto trading Eas. These will pair two markets together such as USD/ JPY. Smart Multi-Account Manager software allows the individual and professional to manage multiple MT4 accounts even if they are with different CFD trading brokers. Many of these software programs come equipped with twenty-four hour help and hotlines or chats available.

In conclusion, whether your education comes from books, speakers, or software, the fundamentals all the way up through each monotonous detail can be found. 

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