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This company was established back in 2016 and they are currently located in Ireland. They are a Forex broker committed to keeping a safe environment and remaining fully regulated and licensed throughout the European Union as well as Australia, South Africa, and Japan.

Ava Trade Account Types

Ava Trade Account Types

There is limited information about their account types, but they offer a basic trader account for all traders, new or professional. The minimum initial deposit for any account with this company is $100. Immediate deposits are available through wire transfers, popular credit cards, and third-party funding like PayPal or Moneybookers. When you go to make a withdrawal you can utilize the Ava debit card feature. This debit card feature works by providing you with a prepaid debit card that connects directly to your account. Once you start trading successfully you can begin to withdraw the funds directly with that card without any paperwork, without having to push any buttons, and without having to make any formal requests. If you choose to transfer money to a different account such as your regular bank account the process can take up to five days so naturally this site really wants you to utilize their proprietary prepaid card rather than using the financial services you prefer.

Ava Trade Trading Platforms and Tailored Trading Packages

Ava Trade Trading platforms

This company does provide a wide variety of platforms both manual platforms and automated platforms which cater to each type of trader. Every platform provides you with access to over 250 trading instruments as well as indicators, up-to-the-minute current charts, and analytical tools. This platform boasts the most advanced charting and live analysis tools. You will also find a live feed to help you get the most current information necessary to make your decisions. The platform is fully customizable. If you do not want to use the Ava Trade platform you can use the meta-trader 4 platform which is, of course, the most popular trading platform known for its flexibility and ability to satisfy traders of every experience level. It will accommodate you in your own trading environments. Auto trading platforms like Zulu trade are among the leaders in automatic trading interfaces throughout the industry. They let you duplicate your trades or duplicate the trades of another skilled online trader at any time. You can do so whether you are at your computer or far away.

Ava Trade Financial Tools, Resources or Other Exclusive Features

Ava Trade Financial tools

The most unique feature that they have to offer is their diverse and rich automated trading package. The automated trading package has a bundle of trading software. You get Forex trading APIs as well as strategies that normally cost hundreds of dollars when purchased on their own, all for free simply when you open your account. You will only have to pay though for your spreads when you are trading.

They have an automated trading package which includes their proprietary Ava auto trader system. This system lets you use algorithmic trading and advanced APIs to set up your own Forex automation solution, building what you want from scratch. This is something that no other company in the Forex market offers. At the time that this Ava Trade Review was written no other company in the world offered this feature.

Immediate Trade Execution at Ava Trade

You get immediate trade execution, whether using the automated services or not. The powerful and user-friendly platform lets you trade with a single click. From one screen you can instantly trade on all of your assets.

Ava Trade Transparency

This organization is somewhat transparent. Better than most.

Ava Trade Security

This organization has roughly $17 billion in market capitalization and they are subject to stringent European Union regulations for all of their financial activities. They use data encryption and server security to keep all private data private.

Ava Trade Fees and Commissions

Given the different account types available, traders are asked to check the website for the fees and commissions as they apply to their account level.

Ava Trade Trading Academy

Ava Trade Trading Academy

They make the claim that they have a user-centered Ava Trade Forex trading experience with a wealth of options for beginners. They also have the benefits listed above to help newcomers better understand the traits they are making. They have a Sharp trader education center which is a related portal catering to beginner and professional traders alike. Inside of this educational Center you will find an assortment of tools and learning materials that best suit your needs. You can get market reviews, technical analysis, free updates, and an economic calendar. There are free live webinars for people who are new to Forex trading as well as webinars and guided tutorials for serious traders who want real-time market updates. Their platform provides a place for traders to interface with over 30 currency pairs whether they are using the mobile trading platform or working from a computer.

Ava Trade Support

This organization claims to distinguish itself by providing comprehensive support for their customer service. In addition to having a simple interface they also have support staff available 24 hours a day, five days per week. You cannot get help outside of the weekday and you can only get help in 12 languages. Nonetheless, they do try to resolve problems within a short time. They answer email swiftly.


  • You get a free demo account with your account.
  • You can start trading as soon as you sign up.


  • They do not accept U.S. clients.

Is Ava Trade a Scam?

Is Ava Trade an online trading scam? Well, they have been recognized for being in the industry more than 10 years and they are well regulated. They have automated and manual trading solutions and they are good for sophisticated professionals. However, a beginning trader might not benefit from the user-friendliness and educational resources while they remain as limited as they are.

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