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The eToro story began in the year 2007. With the launch of eToro a company was put into the successes associated with the online trading business. Being in the forefront of online trading has allowed eToro to experience substantial growth in very little time. eToro is now known as one of the leading world’s social trading and investment network.

eToro is constantly evolving and innovating to create the best tools and to announce unique features that will allow the access to investment technology available to anyone and everyone.

eToro Trading Account Types

When trading with eToro you have the option of two kinds of accounts. The types of accounts are the standard trading account and the Islamic trading account.

eToro Standard Trading Account

eToro Trading account

In order to open a trading account with eToro it is as simple as a minimum deposit of $50. The account that is accepting the funding ca be either of the following:

  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • MoneyGram
  • WebMoney
  • Wire Transfer
  • Neteller

Withdrawals can be completed after you confirm your account. Once your account has passed the verification, you withdraw in about the same manner that you made your initial deposit. It is important to remember that the lowest amount that can be withdrawn from these accounts is $20. There is usually a nominal fee for the withdrawal.

eToro Islamic Trading Account

This account is for those who are Muslim and choose to trade on the market according to the Shariah practices, they are able to choose to open an Islamic Trading Account and the minimum deposit would be $1000.

eToro Trading Resources and Exclusive Features

eToro uses a one-page web interface that has everything and is easy to find. Small icons on the right-hand side allow for socializing and posting to social media. The logo of the Bull for eToro is also displayed near the social icons. This area also brings up the notifications.

The main menu is located on the left-hand side of the page and runs vertically. The newsfeed allows the user to be able to follow the top investors and to see what people in the trading market are discussing. You will get a live stream of blog posts, trade ideas, shared links, and much more. There is also a filter of the feed that allows the user to highlight posts, lock the feed to English, and more. All that needs to be done is to click on one of the items to read the post or click on the avatar of a person to get their details.

Trade Execution with eToro

With the use of the eToro trading app there is never a time when you will be missing anything. With the eToro trading alerts you will know if there are any changes you should know about. Execution is fast and simple. Gone are the days of having to sit by your computer afraid you would miss a great investment. Pretty easy to react to the market when you can have the market with you always.

eToro Trading Transparency

eToro has proven to be very transparent. Better than many of the other companies out there to choose from.

eToro Trading Fees and Commissions

Because of the assortment of different accounts that are available to choose from, traders are requested to check the actual website for commissions and fees as they are applicable to their account type.

eToro’s Trading Academy

eToro’s Tradig Academy offers the one stop shop for all information on the trading markets today. You will be taught how to learn the market very quickly all while it is geared for beginners. The Education Center offers a wide variety of learning tools including videos, webinar’s, books, and more. Teaching how o read and interpret the trading market is just the beginning of what eToro has to offer. eToro’s financial trading eCourse is exclusive and teaches traders how to master all aspects of financial trading at their own leisure. The course promises to teach students how maximize their trading profits with very little time or effort.

eToro Trading Support

The eToro Organization provides support that is unapparelled. Customer support is offered 24 hours / Monday through Friday. Contacting the support team can be done online or by contacting headquarters which is listed on the Support Page on the website.  Customer review reveal many instances where the eToro support is very good. All in all, they certainly pass the test with trading clients when it comes to their customer support department.

Why Trade at eToro?

eToro features

Having taken a more extensive peek at what the eToro Trading has to offer on their website, we recommend those serious about online trading look around. Once a user understands the options and flexibility offered by this broker our recommendation is that traders take some time to learn about the resources and financial information offered at eToro. Take the time to look through the videos, eBooks, webinars and the numerous articles that are written for the numerous eToro traders.

By offering the diverse types of accounts, the trader has more control and options. eToro offers a demo account so that traders can get a feel for trading. Those traders new to online trading do not have to worry about losing money all while learning the tricks of the trade.

Those choosing to use the practice account will sign in and then select practice mode. Those wishing to online trade can choose the real trade mode.

With the newest features added to the demo-account a trader can rest assured it is the same information that is happening in the real online trading account. This tool teaches an online trader everything they need to know and go into online trading knowing they will come out on top with earnings.

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