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Being familiar with an online broker is certainly not enough to allow you to make good trading decisions. The practical thing to do before you start investing online is gathering information about the trading brokers you’ve heard about. You may have heard about Euro Prime, but you need to wonder what elements you should look for when you consider it as your investment platform. Which characteristics have others used when they selected this firm? Answering these questions will be more than important because you certainly want your choice to be profitable and legit.

This Euro Prime review is your chance to get an in-depth look on this brokerage. After examining its service, we found that features like personalized service and professional-level communication are actual, and implemented within Euro prime’s customer service. You’ll benefit from this attention whether you’re a novice trader or you’re a veteran who wants the most efficient & secure process to achieve investment objectives. The vast educational opportunities offered include exclusive webinars, consultations with experts, and more.

Diverse promotions

Welcome bonus

One of the main attractions of Euro Prime is the variety of investment opportunities. The list includes forex trading, cryptocurrency, stocks, CFD trading and commodities. You will also benefit from no-commission trades and low fees, as this broker derives its revenue from applying fixed spreads. Risk management includes stop loss, negative-balance protection, tailored leverage for your account, stop limit and price alerts.

When you first register with Euro Prime you are immediately granted with an attractive 50% welcome bonus on your first deposit. In addition to that, traders are also eligible for a “First trade on us” bonus, which helps traders to ease their entrance to a new world of financial opportunities. Basically, if a trader opens their first position but doesn’t profit on it, the “First trade on us” bonus covers their loss up to $120 cash credit to their account.

Another feature that is granted to Euro prime customers is the Signals Toro service. Through this, feature traders receive real-time market signals which alert them on dynamic financial information. The importance of this service reflects in the timing effect, as investors have to be synchronized with market notifications, in order to make the best of their trade.
Additionally, Euro Prime’s VIP packages are also something to keep in mind when deciding on your trading broker of choice, as this broker offers some interesting benefits for you to enhance your performance with.

Euro Prime Review: Security of Funds

When engaging in online transactions such as credit or wire transfers, it’s always important to see if the service provider you operate with has your back in wise of safe execution. In the trading arena, it’s important that your broker puts in extra effort while keeping your funds safe. Euro Prime stores customer funds in stand-alone trust accounts offered by leading banks. It also means that this service provider adheres to regulatory requirements and guidelines set for daily trading operations.

This fact also reflects the technological standard that is used in these systems, as your investment security requires advanced trading tools, upgraded platforms with advanced charting, accurate analysis and tight transaction activity.

Various account types

Euro Prime account types
If you are new to online trading, you might want to start with a minimum deposit of $250 for the standard account package. This level gets you into the trading arena with a more moderate pace and includes great features like a personal account manager, free video tutorials, a social trading feature, a mobile trading application and more.

For the more experienced investor, Euro Prime offers a silver account package with a starting deposit of $2,000, a gold package ($5,000), a platinum package at $10,000 and an Islamic account, for those who follow the Sharia law as a part of their religion. Support and consultation are expanded features in these accounts, together with additional parameters that are designed to provide you with a powerful frame of trading experience, including, among the rest, free daily market analysis and super competitive spreads.

Trading Platforms and tools

Euro Prime trading platform

Remember we mentioned the importance of advanced technology when it comes to a smooth trading performance? Well, here you can rest assured you are getting quality platforms that are designed to boost investors’ performance: the Sirix Web Trader and Sirix Mobile App are designed to promote efficiency and precision, while the Web version doesn’t require any downloading, and the mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS. Executing your trades on top of the Sirix platform enables you:

  • Fast rate streaming
  • User-friendly interface
  • Direct trading from charts

Data accuracy and precise position tracking

Deposits & withdrawals

Deposit and withdrawal processes are quick and hassle-free since you can use major debit and credit cards, together with wire transfers and additional payment methods. Withdrawals are processed up to 48 hours and you can expect funds to show in your bank account in 10 days or less.

Signing up for an account is also an easy process taking only a few minutes, while in any given moment you can get assistance from the available support center.

To sum up our conclusions

Team of industry experts

After reviewing Euro Prime’s operation traders can rest assured that they will be working with a leading trading broker offering investment possibilities in currencies, commodities, stocks, CFDs and Indices. The wide array of promotions and trading tools along with transparent conduct are key elements when dealing with online trading. So, judging by this broker’s operation, the offered trading experience is at top quality standards.

Also, remember that after you’ve set up your account, be sure to talk to your representative about the continuing process, in order to get personal guidance that will help you assess your risks while engaging the markets properly.

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